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I recently started working for a tech startup where we use a number of tools and techniques to maximise our productivity. For us, productivity means efficiently delivering value to our users. Along the way, though, it looks like using these tools to stay organised, document important information, and communicate effectively. At first, it was a little overwhelming to have to learn all the different dashboards, logins, and which tool to use when, but the upfront investment quickly paid dividends.

If you work in tech, this probably sounds familiar. Many of these tools and techniques are ubiquitous at tech companies (I’d…

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Getting a job as a software engineer is never easy, but, for a few key reasons, it’s especially difficult the first time around. First, you’re not likely to have a professional network or existing software engineer connections who can make introductions on your behalf. Secondly, you’ll need to acclimatize to the standard application and interview processes for software engineering roles. If this is your first career, that’s probably also true of general application and interview processes. And finally, whether this is your first engineering job or your tenth, the process is just designed to be difficult. Because holding mission-critical applications…

As of today, I’ve been working from home for six months. Like many people new to this way of working, I started out with a seriously MacGyver’d work from home setup. I made it through three days of sitting on my sofa with my laptop on my legs before I began to feel my discs slipping out of place and deciding it was high time to upgrade.

The first change I made was buying a desk chair so that I wasn’t melting into my upholstery all day. However, even with a proper chair I quickly found I didn’t enjoy sitting…

Calming, isn’t it?

If you are using CarrierWave to upload images to your Rails web app, you may have noticed that while the images persist on reloads of localhost, they have a tendency to disappear in production (on Heroku). This is because Heroku uses an ephemeral filesystem, so the uploaded image files from CarrierWave get wiped when the Heroku servers (called Dynos) restart. Inconveniently, this happens often.

The solution is to store the images remotely so that the Dyno restart doesn’t clear them away. This tutorial will explain how to do just that. …

Where do you look when you need information?

Jimmy Wales is a tech founder who created the 10th most popular website on Earth. Each day, the site gets more visits than Amazon, Yahoo, Reddit, Netflix, LinkedIn, or Twitter. And, while the founders of those sites enjoy a net worth in the tens or hundreds of billions, Wales is worth a relatively modest 1 million (USD).

The website he created is Wikipedia, and the story of Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia’s success is a fascinating case study on the strength of community, the power of creed, and the importance of redefining success.


The English language version of Wikipedia currently has…

Many head scratches
Many head scratches
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Ever have a bad day at work? Me too. According to a study by Woohoo Inc. (yes, that’s its real name), which investigated workers across different seniority levels all over the world, a scant 8% of respondents said they have “never or almost never” had a bad day at work.

Why we have bad days

As a thought experiment, think for a moment about a bad day you’ve had recently and consider what made it bad, in broad terms. An example would be: A client was angry and yelled at me in front of my boss. Now drill down a level by asking ‘Why?’. The…

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